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Home Entertainment Service/Repairs

Plasma - LCD - LED Television repairs from $50

Televisions suffer the most in the power supply and high voltage areas of the set. Because these areas get hot (nature of their design), this heat causes eventual failure of the the components in these areas.  There are many components in every brand of TV which if replaced regularly will minimize the need of sometimes expensive repairs due to major 'blow ups' which can occur.

Alot of TV's now suffer from fairly common problems in power supply.  Most problems are easily rectified and not the time for considering buying a new TV.  Many people think that nothing is worth repairing anymore which is not the case. Many large screen TV's now can be repaired for less than $200 and although some maybe a little more, if there is an expensive repair required for your TV we will advise you first before repair and a recommendation as if it would be better to repair or go buy a new one.  You will not get any surprise bills to pay.

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The only Samsung TV Repair & Service Centre in Bendigo


HiFi /Vintage Audio repairs from $50

HiFi systems today are mainly used for their CD capabilities.  With the invent of multi-disk players it has undoubtadly increased the mechanical problems with some such units. There are many problems such as CD cutting in/out and errors which can be resolved with a clean and adjustment of the laser assemble.


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VCR Clean & Service $50

Most common problems which occurs with most VCR's is blocking up of the video heads usually caused by poor quality tapes.  Kids tapes are very common as they are usually played over and over and just wear out!
This problem can be rectified by a professional clean & service of the tape mechanism assembly.  (Cleaning tapes cannot perform this and can be the cause of costly repairs.)  
VCR's should be serviced every 6-12mths depending on use.

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Printer Clean & Lube $65

Printers are fussy devices which like to be used on a regular basis. The consumers which have the most trouble with their inkjet printers, either don't use their printer enough, or use non-genuie ink cartridges which very commonly cause the print heads to become blocked.  Inks are not all the same. For example Epson printers are designed for Epson inks! (Facts about Epson Inks)
A printer should be serviced at least every 12mths and should only be used with genuine inks to maintain quality and to lengthen the life of the printer. 


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Computer & Laptop Repairs from $65

Computers are reasonably reliable in themselves but many problems are usually introduced by the user and the software installed on them.

Most failures of hardware occur when either the computer is turned on or off.  It is much safer and more reliable to leave computers on if they are being used regularly, this will lessen the chance of many problems.

Many speed and other software issues can be resolved by reinstallation of the operating software (eg Microsoft Windows). This can be done on or off site by one of our technicians.

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And remember - If it's not worth it we won't fix it!